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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How to...Make a watermelon cake bite

 hellloooo again! Sorry for the short hiatus, kristiecakes has been doing some major business development and I am super proud to say our website is up and LIVE! But on to our creative blurb for today: watermelon cake bites. Cake bites are a perfect way to give someone you love a cute, EASY, sweet treat to brighten their day.

What you'll need:
cake + frosting of your choice (I used yellow cake + buttercream frosting)
Fondant: (Can be purchased online or at your local walmart)
paint brush
green icing Gel (can be purchased at your local walmart or online. I got mine gifted from my amazing mom from italy !!)

 Per usual, the first step is always to bake the cake and make the frosting per your recipe's directions. Leave the cake on the side to cool completely! While this is happening you can get your fondant ready and rolled out. Start with the pink, since this will be covering the biggest portion. Roll out your fondant to be less than 1/2 cm thick, and leave on the side.

When cake is cooled, cut out a triangle, as to mimic a "watermelon slice," and ice completely. See pictures for details.

Leave the iced "watermelon slice" in the fridge to set for about 20 minutes. While that's setting you can start rolling out your white fondant. When white fondant is rolled out to be less than 1/2 cm thick, cut a strip of white out to be used for detail for the watermelon bite.
Now that the cake bite has been set in the fridge for 20 minutes, take out the bite, and smooth out any icing that looks bumpy by using a butterknife. When smooth, take the pink fondant we rolled out earlier, and place biggest portion over the middle of the bite.
Smooth out sides and edges, being careful not to let the fondant overlap. I found its best to start from the top and smooth down and out. Trim excess.
Next, take the white strip that we previously cut out, and apply it to the top portion of the cake bite and trim excess.

Grab your green fondant, and roll out to less than 1/2 cm thick. Cut a straight edge on one side, which we will be using to cover the remaining top portion of your "watermelon bite." I overlapped the white fondant a little to create a more realistic look. See picture for details.

Trim excess edges
We're almost there! Now time for the detail work. Grab your black fondant and roll out tiny balls that resemble the watermelon seeds.
Adhere the "seeds" to the "watermelon bite," nothing special needed, the cake bite should have some condensation from being set in the fridge and the fondant should stick easily.

Last step is about the details, you all know I'm all about the small details, like I said...the small details will set you apart! Grab your green icing gel and a brush of your choice and paint on green lines. Make sure they aren't perfect lines, as real watermelons don't have perfect straight green variation on the rind.

and you're all done! Wasn't that easy ;) Enjoy!

xo, kristie

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